Technology for a better world.

Azuru Technology solves modern dilemmas with innovative hardware, software, and service solutions.

Founded in 2016, the goals of Azuru Technology are three-fold.

Broaden consumer access to emerging technologies via creative services.
Develop innovative technologies that improve the world by preserving resources
Use technology to expand the outreach capabilities of businesses and nonprofits

Here's a few of our ideas.

Field-Oriented Clinic Elastic Patient Tracker
ongoing development

When the Saint Matthew Haiti Medical Mission needed an overhaul of their electronic medical record system, Azuru Technology rose to the challenge.

FORCEPT empowers missionaries by providing instant access to customizable data logging and powerful analytical insights without the need for expensive equipment or extensive IT knowledge. Designed to be deployed in remote locations, FORCEPT can be configured to run from any computer in just minutes.

  • Set up forms in just minutes
  • Quickly record + view data
  • Gain insights about your population via analytics tools

Interested in FORCEPT for your non-profit? Shoot us an email:
Daily Dota 2 leaderboards
currently inactive

Dotaboards utilizes Valve's API to gather and process data from thousands of DOTA 2 matches every day, sorting players into nine unique leaderboards based on in-game performance.

Dotaboards is capable of sorting and recording various player statistics, including:

  • Kill / death ratio
  • Gold and experience per minute
  • Creep score
  • Hero and tower damage
  • Credit to team (hero + tower damage, hero healing)

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